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Scales of Justice2The Outer Cape Portico is my own independent project. As a pastor (retired) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), I espouse the Gospel of Jesus Christ as testified in the cannonical scriptures, articulated in the ecumenical creeds and professed in the Lutheran Confessional documents. Nonetheless, my comments do not necessarily reflect the ELCA’s policies, procedures or positions on any given issue. The Outer Cape Portico does not market or sell any products or services, nor does it receive income from any source. All blog posts and articles found herein are my own work product. It is my policy to cite the biblical, scholarly and literary sources upon which I rely and give credit where it is due. The images used on this site are my own, in the public domain or, to the best of my knowledge after reasonable inquiry, licensed for non-commercial use.

In addition to reflecting on biblical texts from the Common Lectionary, this blog is dedicated to the promotion, discussion and appreciation of poetry. Naturally, it is my practice to identify and credit the authors of poems I post on this blog. Where a poem is not within the public domain, I cite fully the work in which it appears. I believe this use of single poems or parts thereof promotes the fine work of the authors and encourages readers to seek out additional poems they may have produced and the books in which they were originally published. Accordingly, my posting of these poems on this blog falls squarely within the “fair use” doctrine protecting such utilization of copyrighted material. It is also in accord with the Code of Best Practices for Fair Use of Poetry published by the American University Center for Social Media and the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property.

That said, I have profound respect for authors and artists. I care deeply about their rights to profit from their work and ensure that their work is not misconstrued. Thus, should any such person or the holder of any rights to a work displayed or cited on this blog object for any reason at all to my use of your words or images, I invite you to contact me and I will promptly remove them.

Rev. Peter A. Olsen (retired)